Keep cool with a new air conditioner or service


Air Conditioner Sales and Installation in the Barrie Area

Is your air conditioner not cooling your home? This often happens at the worst possible time, when you really need it! Enterprise Mechanical has fully licensed, trained and insured technicians available 7 days a week to address any air conditioner cooling problems! Our technicians are available throughout the Elmvale, Barrie, Wasaga and Midland area between 8AM and 10PM daily, even on holidays! We carry a wide variety of parts and strive to repair your unit on our first visit, restoring your cooling and home comfort. Air conditioning equipment repair and installation requires special licensing and training and you can rest assured all of our technicians have the credentials and skills necessary.

Yearly maintenance by a qualified air conditioning repair technician can help to stay on top of any issues that may occur, catching a problem before it causes a total system failure. Scheduling an appointment is quick and easy, and can be combined with your yearly furnace maintenance program.


Air Conditioner Maintenance

When should you call for maintenance or service on your air conditioner?
  • Annual maintenance/cleaning
  • Air conditioner not cooling
  • Air conditioner providing inadequate cooling
  • Air conditioner making new or different noises
  • Air conditioner leaking
Our first priority is to diagnose the issue with your air conditioning equipment. We will provide you with our findings and our best suggestions for your equipment. We will provide a quote for any parts and labour, and a reasonable time line for the completion of work. Most often we have the parts and materials on board our service vehicles. In some cases we may have to source parts but can assure you we find the quickest most economical way to do so and get your home back to optimal comfort.
Air Conditioning Repair

Time for a New Air Conditioner

In the event that your air conditioner is not repairable, or it isn’t cost effective to repair, we are pleased to provide you with a quote for the installation of new equipment. We only install equipment we trust and use in our own homes. Manufacturers that provide the best quality appliances and stand by their products with comprehensive warranty plans. If we wouldn’t put it in our house, we would never install it in yours.

We also offer competitive rental and financing options for your convenience.

Air Conditioner Brands We Sell & Install

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