Must be completed by technician BEFORE booking leak test or coil.

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  • A) Complete a visual inspection of overall condition of condenser and wiring
  • B) Check that system is wired to manufacturer's specifications (Y terminals...etc)
  • C) Confirm that the furnace filter is clean and not of the type that is too restrictive (For Ductless split units follow the manufacturer's certified instructions for removing and cleaning indoor unit filters)
  • D) Confirm blower motor is operating and blower wheel is clean (check capacitor, motor windings)
  • E) Confirm selected blower speed meets the system CFM requirements – see Manufacturer's Certified Instructions (Dip Switch settings, ODS menu on Bluetooth furnace...etc)
  • F) Confirm duct work is capable of handling the system CFM requirement (Furnace and Air Conditioner)
  • G) Confirm there are no air flow restrictions (blocked registers, return grills)
  • H) Confirm the secondary heat exchanger is not blocked or plugged with debris. TAKE PHOTO
  • I) Confirm the evaporator coil is not blocked plugged with debris and if fins are visible. TAKE PHOTO
  • J) Confirm correct evaporator positioning (not installed blocking PTO, perpendicular to furnace opening)
  • K) Confirm that air flow is actually going through Evaporator Coil and not bypassing (incorrectly installed Pan or Rails, possible plenum dampers that were left open etc)
  • L) Confirm humidifier by-pass damper is closed or in summer position
  • M) Visual inspection of evaporator coil to determine if the coil is completely frozen/clean/dirty. TAKE PHOTO
  • Leak Test Needed
  • Coil Needed
  • Email all photos to dispatch@enterprisemechanical.ca

    Email all photos to dispatch@enterprisemechanical.ca - Secondary HFEX - Evaporator Coil - Rating Plate